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Title: ES Milestone Section Rules!
Post by: Akersy on January 06, 2012, 12:03:04 pm
Milestone Forum Rules

This announcement has been re-done to make the Milestones + Achievement section easier for you all to understand. It has been set up so that you can post the Major Achievements you have accomplished in your personal life or if you reach a recognised SMF Milestone...

These are the Milestones and Ranks you may post on.

100......Come here often?
500......Wise One
800......SMF Master
1000....SMF Senior
2500....SMF Addict

After reaching 3000 posts you may post on any subsequent 1000 post(4k/5k etc) or rank you achieve.

Any other post levels that are posted on in this section will be deleted and the Original Poster will receive a warning

This includes 200 posts, resident elite. This is not a milestone.

You are not to use this section as a discussion board - post about receiving or gifting Gold Membership - Rep levels - Friend count - Popular topics - or to post on your own topic more than once.

Hope this has cleared it up for everyone

Title: Re: ES Milestone Section Rules!
Post by: Matt on January 07, 2012, 02:43:13 pm
Great Rules Post Keep Up The Good Work.